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Body Mechanics for Manual Therapists

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Body Mechanics for Manual Therapists Review

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Body Mechanics for Manual Therapists Description

This best-selling text teaches students and practitioners the essentials of body mechanics they need to know in order to care for themselves while practicing massage therapy. The text is written in a practical, playful, and friendly manner and integrates kinesthetic, cognitive, and environmental elements. Featuring over 200 full-color illustrations, this edition builds on the Second Edition by assisting manual therapists in becoming involved in developing a self-care strategy. Each chapter starts with a brief narrative explanation of a movement, followed by hands-on exercises, self-observation exercises, self-care and injury prevention tips, and client education tips. Appendices discuss successful body mechanics for spa therapy, transferring clients, and floor work, and present troubleshooting and preventive strategies for common repetitive stress injuries. A companion Website offers fully searchable online text and video clips that demonstrate proper technique.