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Gait Recon Pro Lacrosse Gloves

Credits to Lacrosse Monkey

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Gait Recon Pro Lacrosse Gloves Review

I have several gloves from Gait and they are great:) Trust me!

Gait Recon Pro Lacrosse Gloves Description

The Gait Recon Pro lacrosse gloves were built to appeal to the entry level player. With its new graphic and reptilian skin design; the Recon Pros are considered to be a great starting pair of gloves for beginners. This glove is equipped with a three-piece cuff with SPLIT CUFF protection that provides extra flexibility when shooting. It also has a two-layer nash palm that provides extra durability and comfort. Lastly; this glove offers an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial coating that is not only soft to the touch but very sanitary.