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'Golden Serenity' (India)

Credits to NOVICA

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'Golden Serenity' (India) Review

I was looking for a stylish watercolor paintings for my child. So I came across this 'Golden Serenity' (India), its very cheap and looks solid . Once I received it I pulled it out to look at it and it is so beautiful and sparkles.

'Golden Serenity' (India) Description

A devout admirer of Lord Ganesha, Indian artist Priti Parikh honors the celebrated Hindu deity through her art. Adopting a unique abstract style, Parikh portrays the elephant-headed lord of knowledge and remover of obstacles in profile, showing his red tilaka on his forehead, where the 6th chakra resides. Rich gold and red signify purity of love, beauty, and wealth, explains Parikh as she paints with acrylics.