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NEW H&R BMW Sway Bar - Rear (Sport) (19mm) HR71450

Credits to eEuroparts

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NEW H&R BMW Sway Bar - Rear (Sport) (19mm) HR71450 Review

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NEW H&R BMW Sway Bar - Rear (Sport) (19mm) HR71450 Description

H&R sport sway bars are made from a high tensile alloy steel which is cold-formed and heat-treated with forged ends. These sway bars provide an increase in stiffness over stock and reduce body roll dramatically improving the handling and stability of your vehicle. The ends of the sway bar allow for adjustment by providing different positions to mount the sway bar link. Mounting your sway bar link closer to the body of the bar will provide extra stiffness again reducing body roll and keeping the vehicle firmly planted to the ground. This is perfect for track day enthusiasts where different race tracks require different suspension set ups or anyone looking for more performance out of their street vehicle. Each H&R sway bar comes with polyurethane bushings which feature a unique urethane composition which eliminates the need to lubricate and maintain the bushings. Made in Germany to ISO 9001 standards.