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Nordal - Chindi Woven Rug - 60x90cm

Credits to Amara

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Nordal - Chindi Woven Rug - 60x90cm Review

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Nordal - Chindi Woven Rug - 60x90cm Description

Create an eye-catching focal point in any room with the Chindi rug from Nordal. Woven by hand, this rug has been crafted from a blend of recycled leather and cotton to produce a unique finish. Featuring cross-hatch detailing in dark tones on a multi-striped neutral background, the Chindi woven rug boasts a distinctive design. Available in five sizes, find the perfect fit for your interior with the Chindi woven rug from Nordal. Key features: * Detailed rug * Material: 85% leather, 15% cotton * Dimensions: W60xL90cm * Woven by hand * Cross-hatch detailing * Available in several sizes