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Sculpture: Sovereign Strike Sculpture

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Sculpture: Sovereign Strike Sculpture Review

First The Bradford Exchange I've owned in years and wished it hadn't taken so long. Very happy with my choice. Sculpture: Sovereign Strike Sculpture is a great choice of additional.

Sculpture: Sovereign Strike Sculpture Description

A swoop, a dive, a splash and it's all over in a split second when the clash of a predator and its prey plays out in the wild! Now, you can experience the powerful might of the bald eagle as it captures its prey with the Sovereign Strike Sculpture, a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This thrilling scene is frozen in time in a hand-sculpted eagle sculpture, depicting the exact moment of the eagle's strike, by some of the most gifted artisans in the world. From the realistically feathered tips of the eagle's wings to its roughly textured talons, every detail of this Sovereign Strike Sculpture is rendered with amazing precision.Lifelike depth and dimension are added with meticulous hand-painting. To add to the drama of this awe-inspiring scene is sparkling crystalline, recreating the turbulent water in mid-splash as the eagle scoops up a bass in its powerful talons. A mahogany-finished base and metal name plaque add handsome finishing touches to this bald eagle Sovereign Strike sculptural masterpiece. Demand is expected to be strong. Don't delay; order now!